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An ideal travel base for "town walks" where you can enjoy a quiet stay while being in the center of Arima Onsen


Arima Onsen Town, located in Kita Ward, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture,

A high-class hot spring inn town lined with long-established stores.

"Kizuna no Koyado En" is located in the center of Arima Onsen, and is very close to "Yumotozaka", the center of the city where souvenir shops and restaurants are lined up.

The outdoor hot spring "Gin no Yu" is a 1-minute walk, and "Kin no Yu" is a convenient location for a 3-minute hot spring tour or a hot spring cure for long-term stays. You can enjoy a very quiet time.

With a cozy building structure that was originally a private residence, we provide homely and personalized services that are rare in Arima, where large-scale inns are lined up.

After taking a leisurely stroll around the city and enjoying the outdoor hot springs, soak in the air of a good old hot spring town surrounded by nature.

From the outside of the window, you can hear the sound of the hot spring source "spring source".

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