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​Facility introduction


A "modern Japanese" space based on tatami mats and wood grain that gives you a feeling of warmth

When you enter the entrance, the wall on your right is the entrance with a nostalgic photo of Arima. After changing into a yukata and haori, put on colorful clogs and

You can go for a walk around the city.

Right next to the reception, there is a Japanese-style room where you can have dinner and breakfast.

Adjacent to the modern bar counter where you can enjoy alcohol.

From the window, the muffled and hot water that is unique to hot springs rises.

You can see the "Envy Izumigen".


​Guest room


Paradise Gokuraku

With two spacious double beds

A small rise of 2 tatami mats,

A Japanese-Western style room with a sofa where you can relax.

Large screen with a permanent projector

You can enjoy the movie.

10 tatami Japanese-Western style room, capacity for 2 people, 3rd floor


Uwanari Uwanari

One double bed and two tatami mats,

Tables and chairs looking out

Japanese-Western style room with.

As a couple,

On a leisurely solo trip

You can spend it.

8 tatami Japanese-Western style room, capacity for 1-2 people, 3rd floor


Tenjin Tenjin

Twin room with 2 single beds.

The built-in TV and sofa

You can use it.

Recommended for traveling with friends.

8 tatami mat room, capacity for 2 people, 3rd floor


Taiko Taiko

Two Japanese-style rooms are available

Enjoy a relaxing stay.

From the window of the room

You can see the source of Kin no Yu,

A room with a luxurious view.

10 tatami Japanese-style room + 4 tatami Japanese-style room, capacity for 2 to 3 people, 2nd floor


Ariake Ariake

Recommended for solo travelers and long-term stays

Western-style room with a semi-double bed.

With a sofa where you can relax

We have a desk that is easy to use.

It is also recommended for remote work.

6 tatami mat room, capacity for 1 person, 2nd floor


​Mitarai, washbasin, bathroom, corridor


There is no hot spring in the facility

One point to note for customers using this facility is

There are no hot springs such as "Kin no Yu" and "Gin no Yu" in this facility.

There is a point.

Please understand that you can enjoy the "outdoor hot spring" in Arima Onsen.

The shower room in the building will be a normal home bathroom

We would appreciate it if you could make a reservation with your knowledge.

Other facilities such as Mitarai and washbasin for men and women are not in the room

It is used in a common space.

Yukata, amenities, etc. are provided free of charge, so

Please use it if necessary.

In-room facilities and amenities

In the room

Electric kettle, refrigerator, air conditioner,

Projector (paradise), TV (Taiko / Tenjin), mirror, clothes hanger, deodorant spray for clothes

Equipment that can be used in the shared bathroom and wash basin

Hair dryer, hand soap, shampoo, conditioner, body soap, makeup remover, cleanser

Free rental at the reception

Free amenities (toothbrush, shave, cotton set, hairbrush, hair elastic)

Rental bath towels, yukata, yukata haori, Japanese style bags for walking around town, socks for clogs, rental clogs

​On-site facilities and others

Type of room / number of guest rooms 2 Western-style rooms (Ariake / Tenjin), 1 Japanese-style room (Taiko), 2 Japanese-Western style rooms (Uwanari, Paradise) Total 5 rooms / 10 people capacity

Meal Supper: 18: 00 ~ in the Japanese-style room on the 1st floor (Only Taiko on the 2nd floor may be available in the room)

  Breakfast: Served from 9:00 to 9:30 in the Japanese-style room on the 1st floor (10:00 Close)

There is no hot spring in the hot spring facility.

     1 minute walk from the nearby outdoor hot spring "Gin no Yu", 3 minutes walk from "Kin no Yu", 15 minutes walk from "Taiko no Yu"

Smoking All rooms, including common spaces, are non-smoking

An ashtray is available in the outdoor wooden deck space on the 1st floor, so please use it.

Pets Pets are not allowed. Please understand.

Due to the structure of the adult-only facility (wooden), the sound is easy to hear, and it is not possible to stay with guests under elementary school age.

Free Wi-Fi is available in all rooms in the service facility ・ Neighborhood MAP ・ Coffee service for guests ・ Special benefits when using BAR

The moving elevator in the building is dedicated to carrying luggage due to aging.

The guest rooms are on the 2nd and 3rd floors, but please move on the stairs. (Mitarai is on the 1st and 2nd floors, and the washbasin is on the 1st and 3rd floors )

Free parking space in front of parking facility (3 cars / first-come-first-served basis)

The road in front of the facility is very narrow, so if you have a large car or are worried, please use the nearby toll parking lot.

(Ikenobo Mangetsu Castle parking lot, etc.)

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